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Patentoffice avoid?!

You have an idea or already developed a market-ready and patentable product ?

Caution case
Don't go public!

Before you go to the patent office, talk to us. We know all the pitfalls. Or do you want to research and develop for others and for free? Do not end up with empty hands. Talk to us, the security professionals. It is worthwhile for you and your product.

As a product developer and successful marketers in our own case, we know what we are talking about. Our innovative coaching is recognized worldwide. On request we accompany you up to your success.

Elite training and coaching for executives. Business consultancy. Business, industry and market analysis. Market research. Trend Research. Trendseeing. Trendsetting. Product development. Marketing and sales strategy training. Time management. Image consulting for companies and executives. Elite training for etiquette and representation.