Council for Urbanity and Family Future

After two years of planning, we have sucessfully completed the establishment of C-U-F-F. The foundator is very happy about this, again a step further to achieve our aim. He will present himself to you personaly and give you a fascinating lecture of how it began sixty five years ago.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to find the rght channel to help the needy people in this world. Children born in a world of povertyleft alone with thier situation, misused, mistreated, and forgotten without a chance of a living a life in dignity. When seeing how four and three year old children struggling early on a cold morning in smokey dumps, barefooted and half naked fighting with dogs and vultures to get remains of food, would realise why CUFF was foundated.C-U-F-F decided to fight for these people by using new methods and strategies.

C-U-F-F`s largest and most powerful weapon in fighting for the people against corrupt regimes and ruthless corporations, is the revolutionary and pioneering technology: pyroWASTEX ENVIROTEC.

Please see the following brief explanation about the procedure, where highly toxic waste is tranferred into clean energy and inevitably with our philosophy help poeple to develop a self dignity, especially the children that live in countless dumps in this world.

The pictures of "the garbage hell of Manila" is representative for thousands of dumps where people live in poverty and misery.Every big city in the world has such a region. It is a shame that these regions are found in developed and civilised nations.

We hope that we can work together with the political authorities in a responsibility to erase this disaster urgently. And so we appeal to all people with a sense of humanity to help us pave the way in a polilical and monetary manner, so that C-U-F-F in collaboration with PYROWASTEX ENVIROTEC, could bring bach dinity to the people and ensure economic, tecnical and cultural prosperity.

C-U-F-F is not a bottomless pit because we have an innovative technology from IMB ELITE e.g. PYROWASTEX ENVIROTEC. That means that the PYROWASTEX power plant is active in producing energy. A product that guaranties profit and therefore prosperity in the future, in opposite to the fossile energy resources which shows their limit.PYROWASTEX guaranties profit.

C-U-F-F ensures that the profit would be re-invested to help people locally for self development. and to avoid strictly that thisdoes not fall in unauthorised hands of worldwide operating large companies. C-U-F-F in co-operation withh IMB-ELITE/PYROWASTEx, sponsors and Investers, carefully control the spending of funds and so avoid irregularity in anyway whatever.Donors are invited to participate actively in setting up projects and experience the change and joy in the lives of the people helped.

C-U-F-F and PYROWASTEX are active on thte Oceans. We intend to build a new generation of Shipsfor cleaning up the oceans. Hawaii is surrounded by two rubbish "continents". It is a surface area of about 1.5 Million square kilometres and up to 50 metres deep, all full with plastic garbage.(see Satellite pictures).Year after year millions of fishes and other sea animals die agonisingly. Futhermore, we are observing that the marine biology get more imbalanced.

Nobody not even the UN feels responsible for this area, because it is outside territorial waters. C-U-F-F together with PYROWASTEX technology will clear the ocean, by using the garbage and converting it into energy.

C-U-F-F, PYROWASTEX FONDS and PYROWASTEX ENVIROTEC, a product from IMB-ELITE turns waste into clean energy and so with this energy we can help together with you, millons of people, to live in dignity constantly. For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.

WE need your help!